Free time survey in Rottenburg, class 5d

Feb 19

Our friends from Greenwich have many things to do in their free time: the Cutty Sark Museum, Greenwich Park with the boating lake or Mudchute Farm on the other side of the River Thames. To find out what people in Rottenburg can do in their free time, we created survey-forms with different questions about free time activities. There were five groups so we also had five different forms.

And then we went to town! We waited at the Eugen-Bolz-Platz or on the market square and when somebody came by who looked friendly, we asked very politely (we had practiced that in class!) if he or she could answer our questions. Some people didn’t want to speak English but others were very friendly too and spoke English.

We got lots of answers! Did you know that most people would give Rottenburg the grade 2? Or that almost everybody likes to walk along the Neckar with an ice-cream? We also found out that Rottenburg needs more cafés with tables and chairs outside, a climbing hall and a warm water pool.

We then sorted all the results, made bar-diagrams and wrote and practiced our presentation. And then we showed our class mates what we found out. We learned a lot and had lots of fun asking the people.